Taeyeon’s new selca :3

28 Jul

Taeyeon has revealed a cute selca of herself with a green pillow via her UFO! So cutee!


SNSD is coming to Singapore! ^^”

28 Jul

SNSD is coming to Singapore!

“SINGAPORE: K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation, widely known as SNSD, will be performing in Singapore in February next year, with tickets likely to become available at the end of 2011, said concert organisers Running Into The Sun (RITS) and Conceptual on Wednesday.

SNSD is the first Korean girl group RITS has brought in after staging concerts for K-pop boy bands Super Junior (last year) and Shinee (September later this year).

“Now the guys can’t say they’re left out. We’re extremely thrilled to bring Girls’ Generation for their first solo concert in Singapore.

“Concert-goers will be mesmerized by the girls’ synchronized dance moves and heart-melt-worthy winks,” said RITS Creative Director Beatrice Chia-Richmond.

“We’re sure the temperatures at the Singapore Indoor Stadium would rise a few degrees with the arrival of the girls.”

SNSD is currently one of the most popular girl groups in Korea and are known for their lithe figures as well as their long slender legs, which are accentuated by the short shorts and heels they favour during their performances.

The nine-member girl group debuted in 2007 and shot to fame in 2009 with their hit songs “Gee” as well as “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”.


(Courtesy of Channel News Asia; http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1143307/1/.html)

If you are a Singaporean, are you starting to save up your money to see our sweet SoNyuhShiDae girls? I definitely would! (:

Hey sones!

27 Jul

Hello sones! If you are new here and have been to our blog not by our FB page, WELCOME! (: Please do visit our FB page at: http://www.facebook.com/SNSD.Soulmate We (Admin Soofany and Sunsica) will be updating you on the latest news on SNSD. Look forward!